///INSPIRED ELEMENT V2 FORK 24″/26″- 2016



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Product Description


Styled to match Inspired frames perfectly, these forks are designed specifically for the new generation of street riding.
Ultra thick one-piece CNC machined aluminium steerer tube (6mm wall thickness), this fork overcomes many issues previously seen when using a bonded 2 piece steerer.
L_INS_Element_V2_Fork_3Steerer is extra thick at the bottom, more so than other forks which appear to be the same, ensuring maximum stiffness and strength.
Custom designed and manufactured disc brake mount (at the International Standard position) is extra long to prevent cracking at the top where it joins the leg.
Super thick, large diameter fork legs provide additional strength.
L_INS_Element_V2_Fork_2Unique, smooth welded and machined dropouts look classy and maximise durability without adding excessive weight.
One piece top-cap/nut replaces the standard press-fit star fangled nut, top-cap and bolt featured on other forks.
Fits 24″ and 26″ wheels.
Disc mount only.
Available in gloss powder coat black finish with white Inspired graphic only.
Weight: 995g


$ 135 USD


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